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Individual Therapy at Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Individual Therapy is Essential for Substance Abuse Recovery

At Serenity Acres, we believe individualized treatment is an integral part of addiction recovery. As part of our holistic approach to treatment, individual therapy begins the healing process for the mind of the client. Clients have up to 10 individual therapy sessions a week, including addictions counseling for all clients, and mental health counseling where needed. During these sessions, personal goals and needs can be discussed in a private, confidential setting with a licensed therapist. Once the nature and extent of substance abuse history are identified, our therapists can help the client identify potential triggers, as well as work through underlying causes and conditions.

One-on-One Substance Abuse and Mental Health Therapy

Individual therapy can be targeted at specific topics depending on the needs of the individual client, such as underlying shame and guilt, or grief. Oftentimes substance abuse is co-occurring with other mental or emotional disorders, and it is essential to address these challenges as the client begins to recover. Once the client reaches a level of comfort with their own process, these issues can be brought into group therapy discussions, but one-on-one therapy provides a safe environment in which to begin the healing process. Our therapists help the clients to come up with therapy schedules and treatment plans based on individual needs as they change throughout the recovery process.

Approaches to Individualized Therapy

Our Therapists

John Norris, LCPC, LCADC
Clinical Supervisor

Candace Blase, LCPAT ATR-BC
Mental Health Counselor

Debbie Goodwin, CSC-AD
Sr. Addictions Counselor

Jessica Wisemiller
Addictions Counselor

Kimberly Beall, CAC-AD
Addictions Counselor

Cameron Marks, CSC-AD (P)
Addictions Counselor

Harry Smith, CAC
Addictions Counselor

Charlie Billingsley, M.A., LGPC
Mental Health Counselor

Anna Kaspark
Addictions Counselor

Dwayne Jenkins, CSC-AD
Addictions Counselor

Bella, ESD
Emotional Support Dog

Chris Butler, CSC-AD
Addictions Counselor

Kimberly Clemens, LCPC/LCPAT
Mental Health Counselor

Luna, LDT
Dog Therapist